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Cura della lana

Australia's first Woolmark-certified detergent

Wondering what laundry detergent to use for your wool clothes and blankets? The Woolmark Company has recently certified Pental's Softly Wool Wash as a superior laundry detergent for wool and it’s available in Australia.

The Woolmark Company has recently certified Pental's Softly Wool Wash as a superior laundry detergent for wool apparel care. This means that the Softly Wool Wash laundry detergent has been tested by an independent quality assurance authority and has passed the tests appropriate for Woolmark certification in apparel care. The process includes rigorous testing that assesses the detergents effect on:

When using Softly Wool Wash make sure to follow the washing instructions:

Top Loaders: 1 cap
Front Loaders: 2/3 cap
Hand washing: ½ cap

Handwashing: Use ½ capful in a basin or medium sized bowl; 1 capful for a wash trough. Add and mix thoroughly through warm water before immersing garment.

Delicates: Gently squeeze the solution through the garment. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water and dry.

Woollens: Gently squeeze the solution through garment and soak for 5 minutes. Towel or spin dry.

Pental's Softly Wool Wash is Woolmark-certified for apparel care

When drying woollens, support the garment so that it can’t stretch under its own weight. Slow drying away from direct sunlight is best, with the garment turned inside out on flat towels. 

15 set 2017
Cura della lana

Lavaggio di capi delicati

15 set 2017
L'ex editrice di Vogue, Alexandra Brown, sta portando stile e responsabilità in un ambito trascurato: il lavaggio e la cura della lana.
06 mag 2016
Cura della lana

La cura dei capi in lana

06 mag 2016
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Cura della lana

Cleaning wool shoes

Washing your wool shoes has never been easier. Follow this simple guide to wash your wool shoes to keep them looking and smelling clean.
Cura della lana

The best way to remove stains from wool clothes

Do you have stained clothes? Never fear, this easy guide by Woolmark will let you remove stains with ease to have clean, stain-free clothes in no time.